Not of This World …

... ah,  but it is ... on the third rock from the sun, planet Earth. Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight is quite famous for its different coloured sands, and a craft tourist industry has grown up around it since early Victorian times. Here are cliffs of sand of varying hues. The sands are... Continue Reading →

The Needles

Of 2 photos. Alum Bay, Isle of Wight. September 2019 © Pete Hillman.

Keeping Balance

On a stroll across a quieter section of beach where the tide had gone out I came across this little arrangement of rocks. They kind of reminded me of the remains of a prehistoric cairn, although this is most likely child's play. Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer... Continue Reading →

Isle of Wight

You can't help but see chalk cliffs wherever you go on the Isle of Wight, so I couldn't resist getting closer to the stuff on a walk along the Ventnor coastline. Plus I have a thing about textures. The island gets its name not from the colour white, but from 'wight'. There are several explanations... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Sea Mist

This mysterious sea mist drifted in from Luccombe Bay. As soon as it appeared it disappeared. Memories of John Carpenter's 'The Fog' came to mind. It had quite an eerie quality to it. Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer Isle of Wight, England, August 2018 © Pete Hillman.


Something a bit different here, I know. I have a thing about ornate chimney pots, and couldn't help but feature these here. They are from Rylstone Manor Hotel at Shanklin, but a stone's throw from Shanklin Chine and set in beautiful gardens. Rylstone Manor was originally built as a gentleman's residence in 1863 and remained... Continue Reading →

As The Sun Sets

This photo was taken during a pleasant evening's walk along Keats Green at Shanklin. In the distance, across Sandown Bay, we can see the white chalk cliffs of Culver Down. We can just make out a tall edifice on its top. It is called the Yarborough Monument, erected in memory to Charles Anderson-Pelham, the 2nd... Continue Reading →

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