Shanklin Rockpools

Shanklin Beach Rockpool

Shanklin Beach Rockpool

Shanklin Beach Rockpool

Shanklin Beach Rockpool

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Shanklin Beach, Isle of Wight, England, August 2018 © Pete Hillman.


18 thoughts on “Shanklin Rockpools

  1. I’m intrigued by the white swirly things in the third photo. They look like a certain fungus that I see from time to time, but they surely aren’t that. I can’t even decide whether they’re some sort of plant, or perhaps a creature like an oyster. Whatever they are, they’ve provided a wonderfully abstract image.

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    • Fan worms immediately came to mind, although I have yet to identify them if they are. I have never seen them before, and they were on an isolated stretch of rocky shore below the cliffs. Thank you, Linda 🙂


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