16 thoughts on “Mythological Nature

  1. Good evening, dear Pete

    LOL… By the way I wonder where those kind of mythical creatures put into stones come from – just man’s fantasy or is there more behind it?

    Have a great time
    and thanks for sharing

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    • LOL! You made me chuckle here with your comment, David 🙂 I would have waited a long time , and if it did take off that would sure be some photo then 🙂 Thank you 🙂


  2. Wonderful Pete and I love the image you’ve made of it.

    There’s a similar terracotta sculpture upon a rooftop in Chinatown here in Melbourne, so I wonder if the house has some Asian influence.

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    • Thank you, Vicki 🙂 I had this photo of this wonderful clay dragon, but it didn’t appear to work so well in colour, and after I converted it to monochrome I felt it needed something a little extra. Here the dragon was in a road called St Georges, so the two seem to go well together 🙂

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  3. The way you’ve processed it is wonderful. Black and white is perfect, and the bit of grunge only adds to the atmosphere. I’m not sure I’d want to live across the street from this fellow, but I enjoyed seeing him.

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