End of Season Flowers

The Water Mint (Mentha aquatica) has gone mad again this year, spreading its roots and sprouting throughout the garden pond. Yet its sweet sugary goodness attracts many insects, so it is always good in that respect. This is one of the last blooms which I wanted to try and capture before they all disappeared with... Continue Reading →

Getting Bigger

I have noticed how big the young frogs are now growing in the garden pond. I spied four of them amongst the Water Mint and pond weed poking their heads out the water. Feel free to click the images to enlarge and click again to get even closer … © Pete Hillman August 2019

Around The Garden Pond

Over the last three years since my garden pond's inception it has attacted some interesting and beautiful forms of wildlife. Growing Water Mint attracts these attractively coloured little micro moths called Pyrausta aurata - Mint Moth. The adult moths lay ther eggs on the plants and the hatching caterpillars feed on the leaves. May 2019,... Continue Reading →

Underwater Grazing

Back in March I discovered clumps of frogspawn in my garden pond which was built 3 years ago in the spring of 2016. You can imagine my excitement as this was the first time I might have my first tadpole nursery! Before I knew it the tadpoles were appearing, and as they grew I noticed... Continue Reading →

Frogs Partying In The Night Pool

The other night I caught a couple of frogs in and around the garden pond. With temperatures in the high twenties amd touching thirty who can blame them? 🙂 Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer Common Frog Rana temporaria, , July 2018, rear garden pond, Staffordshire, England. ©... Continue Reading →

Return of The Sun Fly

Click once to expand view, click again to get that little bit closer Sun Fly Helophilus pendulus resting on a stone on the edge of my garden pond. May 2018, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman Sigma 18-300mm.  

Intelligent Nature

This is a Long-jawed Orb-weaver Spider Tetragnatha sp. stretched along one of the stalks of my iris which is growing in the garden pond. It apparently somehow knows that the iris is flowering and attracting airborn insects. No doubt, in due course, it will spin a web to attempt to catch them. Click once to... Continue Reading →

Let’s Have Some Marmalade!

By pure coincidence as I was photographing the garden pond for the previous blog to my joy I had this delightful little visitor alight on the Yellow Flag Iris. It is called the Marmalade Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus, and I had to do quite the balancing act, getting my socks wet more than once, to get... Continue Reading →

Garden Pond After 2 Years

As requested by my blogging friend Vicki (who has a lovely blog called 'Living With nature'), here are some pics of the garden pond as it has grown and established itself over the past two years. No sun today so very grey and overcast when I took these photos. It's only very small, but it... Continue Reading →

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