31 thoughts on “Sailing Amidst The Blue

  1. Makes solitude and ‘feeling blue’ appealing. Definitely one for the poets. I will work on it. Thank you, Peter.

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      1. The blue I feel shimmers and sparkles
        As water drifts by.
        Alone, but not lonely, I draw in the sounds and songs
        of others adrift in the sea.
        Looking into the deep below
        Instinctively drawn,
        I see no solution there;
        Only in the expanse of horizon-
        Future meeting past-
        Destiny waits.
        Probably still needs some work, but here is the draft. Hope you like it. I am also going to post to my own page if that’s okay.

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      2. It is beautiful, Sue, and captures the spirit of the image! Of course you may post it! Thank you 🙂


      3. Oops sorry links aren’t working try connects.live/2018/17/sea-blue.

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    1. I spied this yacht far out in the bay away from the world and appearing almost lost in the blue of the sea and the sky, and just had to try and capture the moment. Thank you, Simone 🙂

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  2. Love those soft blues. Such a peaceful and calming scene.

    I think the simplest scenes can often be the best. Forgot the intricate details of a seaside or ocean scene and just capture the stillness and beauty of the day.

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