Totland Pier

Totland Bay Pier was completed in 1880, with a small shelter at the pier head and a small amusement arcade at the shore side. It is a 450ft (137m) long cast-iron girder construction. The funds to build it were raised by the nearby Totland Hotel which has since been demolished. During the Victorian era it was used to allow paddle steamers to dock, enabling tourists to visit the area.

Totland Pier

Sadly the bulk of the pier has now become derelict and closed to the public, but a nice little cafe has replaced the arcade shore side, and I had coffee there on a bench outside. The last time I visited here was back in the ealy 1990s, and an artist had bought it and used it as his studio. The pier aside, I really like the green-cloaked rocks on the beach.

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D7200
Date taken: 5th September 2019
Place: Totland, Isle of Wight, England

8 thoughts on “Totland Pier

  1. It’s interesting to see the blue sky, the green rocks, and the blue-green water between. It’s an appealing photo of an interesting place. Of course, I have a great fondness for piers, derelict or not!

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    • Thank you, Linda. I like the piers too, and any structures with history and the character which they hold within and without them. I am pleased you liked the photo 🙂


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