Burned Out Bonfire-moss

This is Bonfire-moss (Funaria hygrometrica) which has now come to its end leaving this deep red colour. Rear garden, Staffordshire, England. June 2017.

Tropical Palm Trees In A Plant Pot III

I know this title is misleading, but that's how I began this series so I guess I am stuck with it. From below the cotton wool fluffy skirts of the Common Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha subsp ruderalis)  female archegonial heads have now appeared these little lemon coloured egg-shaped pods. They are the mature sporophytes, and they... Continue Reading →

Tropical Palm Trees In A Plant Pot II

Following on from a previous blog, these female reproductive structures of the Common Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha subsp ruderalis) are now showing the white cotton candy-like sporophytes beneath the umbrella-like archegonial heads. These are the spore capsules which when released may germinate into new plants. And all this going on in a small plant pot with... Continue Reading →

Tropical Palm Trees In A Plant Pot

Not quite 😉 These are the maturing female archegonial heads of the Common Liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha subsp ruderalis). These are for sexual reproduction of the liverwort. To get an idea of the scale of these small umbrella-like growths note the moss growing in the background. I am half expecting to see a famous moustached Italian... Continue Reading →

Alien Forest In A Plant Pot

Bonfire-moss (Funaria hygrometrica) I have a small plant pot by my water butt which has some liverwort growing in it last time I looked. This time I looked it had something else growing in it, this rather untidy looking yet delightful moss. Note the long, swan-neck seta.


Back from the weekly shop and there has been a break in the clouds. Barely packed away and I have my camera in hand. I love seeing how the rain enlivens and refreshes everything, it is just my thing 🙂 An odd title for this post I know, but this patch of green just off... Continue Reading →

Grey-cushioned Grimmia II

This is a cushion moss which grows on a patch of concrete near my driveway. It is called Grey-cushioned Grimmia (Grimmia pulvinata). Note the grey-white hairy tips which gives this moss its name. Image taken February 2017, front drive, Staffordshire. Please click image for better resolution. For further interest please see the previous post 'Grey-cushioned... Continue Reading →

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