Alien Forest In A Plant Pot

Bonfire-moss (Funaria hygrometrica) I have a small plant pot by my water butt which has some liverwort growing in it last time I looked. This time I looked it had something else growing in it, this rather untidy looking yet delightful moss. Note the long, swan-neck seta.


Back from the weekly shop and there has been a break in the clouds. Barely packed away and I have my camera in hand. I love seeing how the rain enlivens and refreshes everything, it is just my thing 🙂 An odd title for this post I know, but this patch of green just off… Read More 4×2

Moss On The Roof

Intermediate Screw-moss (Syntrichia intermedia) My garage roof has steadily succumbed to a covering of this wonderful moss over the years, which makes it look a lot more interesting than just covered in tiny white shards of gravel.  I decide to get the ladders out and have a close look-see, and amidst the open shoots which… Read More Moss On The Roof

Redshank Moss

Ceratodon purpureus A variable species of moss which form cushions or patches which vary in colouration from yellow to mid-green through red to purplish brown. The reddish-brown capsules are fairly common. It occurs on a wide range of acidic and well-drained substrates. It is frequent in heathland and acidic grassland, on walls and roofs, and… Read More Redshank Moss

Common Feather-moss

Kindbergia praelonga This moss has regularly branched, roughly triangular pinnate shoots 1-2cm long. Robust woodland forms have bi- to tripinnate patterns and are larger. Stem leaves are  1-5mm long, and differ in shape from branch leaves. The stem leaves are triangularly heart-shaped with a fine elongated tp which often turns outwards. Branch leaves are about… Read More Common Feather-moss

Springy Turf-moss

Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus This moss forms dense tufts or mats, has distinctive red stems, and the way the shoots bend backwards gives the moss a star-like appearance. Fruiting is very rare. Found on damp grass and banks in woodland, by streams and in marshes, and often in lawns. Common and widespread. Photographs of Springy Turf-moss (Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus)… Read More Springy Turf-moss

Pointed Spear-moss

Calliergonella cuspidata This is a medium-sized moss which may grow with other bryophytes, or may form patches of green, yellow-green, and occasionally orange-brown. The shoots are up to 3-8cm long or more. The main stem is usually erect with pinnately arranged branches. The leaves are closely rolled-up to form a smooth needle-like point. The stem… Read More Pointed Spear-moss

Grey-cushioned Grimmia

Grimmia pulvinata Sometimes called ‘Hedgehog Moss’, this moss forms compact cushions 1-2cm high of tiny leaves 3-4mm long which are grey-green and narrow. The pointed, whitish hair-tips of the leaves can sometimes give the moss a silvery appearance, which is a characteristic of the species and is very noticeable in drier weather. The capsules are… Read More Grey-cushioned Grimmia


Funaria hygrometrica This can be quite an untidy-looking plant, especially when in abundance with long, 3-5cm swan-neck setae. The short 3-10mm green shoots form loose carpets. The egg-shaped leaves vary in size from 2-4mm long, and are translucent. It is a colonist of bare, disturbed ground enriched with nutrients, and is particularly characteristic of old… Read More Bonfire-moss

Bank Haircap Moss

Polytrichum formosum A fairly distinctive medium-sized moss with bright green leaves which are 1cm long with a pointed tip which are arranged around the stems in a spiral fashion. Found all year round in deciduous woodland, heaths and moorland. Frequent and widespread throughout. Photographs taken January and March 2014, local wood, Staffordshire.

Wall Screw-moss

Tortula muralis This familiar moss forms neat, low spreading cushions and tufts up to 1cm high. It has oval, round-tipped leaves 2-3.5mm long, which end in a fine, silvery hair-like excurrent nerve. The spore capsules are narrow and held upright, borne on 1-2cm long, thin stalks. They are yellow when young and turn reddish-brown as… Read More Wall Screw-moss

Great Scented Liverwort

Conocephalum conicum A lush green spreading liverwort, where the gametophytic thallus is dichotomously branched, meaning that the shoot apex splits exactly in half during branching producing two equal branches. The liverwort is dioicious, meaning male and female gametes are formed on separate plants. The male structures are in purplish bumps near branch tips. The female… Read More Great Scented Liverwort