White-tipped Bristle-moss

Orthotrichum diaphanum

I photogrpahed this moss on a railway bridge at the entrance to a nature reserve. The white leaf tips make this moss quite distinctive. It grows in small tufts of narrow, upright shoots up to 1cm high, usually with abundant capsules. The leaves are 2.5-4mm long, and the capsules are 1.5mm long. Ripe capsules are light brown and slightly furrowed when old and dry.

Found on trees and shrubs, but also on rocks, concrete, brick walls and other inorganic structures. Very common and widespread throughout Britain.

Photographs February 2014, nature reserve, Staffordshire.

2 thoughts on “White-tipped Bristle-moss

  1. Your detailed descriptions and scientific names (one of the reasons I enjoy your blog) suggest a more than average interest in the natural world. Do you have a background in biology?

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