Smaller Lattice-moss

Cinclidotus fontinaloides

Smaller Lattice-moss (Cinclidotus fontinaloides)

I came across this moss on a bank near my local river. Sadly, after some development work to the canal nearby, this has now all been buried. It is a dark green robust moss which branches little, has somewhat of a trailing nature, with 2-15cm long shoots which bear 4mm long leaves that are narrowly egg-shaped with a strong nerve ending in the tip. The leaf margins are heavily thickened, forming a distinct border from base to tip. When dry, the leaves are wavy or spirally twisted. Narrowly elliptical shaped capsules are frequent, but the seta is very short and often buried amongst the leaves.

Smaller Lattice-moss (Cinclidotus fontinaloides)

Found on the banks and shores of rivers and lakes attached to submerged rocks, tree roots and stonework. Also found on limestone and siliceous rocks. It is most abundant in places where it may be subject to frequent inundation, but it cannot tolerate prolonged submersion. Common and widespread, especially in upland Britain.

Smaller Lattice-moss (Cinclidotus fontinaloides)

Photographs of Smaller Lattice-moss (Cinclidotus fontinaloides) taken February 2014, near local river, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2014. Camera used Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens.

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