Moss On The Roof

Intermediate Screw-moss (Syntrichia intermedia) My garage roof has steadily succumbed to a covering of this wonderful moss over the years, which makes it look a lot more interesting than just covered in tiny white shards of gravel.  I decide to get the ladders out and have a close look-see, and amidst the open shoots which… Read More Moss On The Roof

Redshank Moss

Ceratodon purpureus A variable species of moss which form cushions or patches which vary in colouration from yellow to mid-green through red to purplish brown. The reddish-brown capsules are fairly common. It occurs on a wide range of acidic and well-drained substrates. It is frequent in heathland and acidic grassland, on walls and roofs, and… Read More Redshank Moss

Common Feather-moss

Kindbergia praelonga This moss has regularly branched, roughly triangular pinnate shoots 1-2cm long. Robust woodland forms have bi- to tripinnate patterns and are larger. Stem leaves are  1-5mm long, and differ in shape from branch leaves. The stem leaves are triangularly heart-shaped with a fine elongated tp which often turns outwards. Branch leaves are about… Read More Common Feather-moss

Springy Turf-moss

Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus This moss forms dense tufts or mats, has distinctive red stems, and the way the shoots bend backwards gives the moss a star-like appearance. Fruiting is very rare. Found on damp grass and banks in woodland, by streams and in marshes, and often in lawns. Common and widespread. Photographs of Springy Turf-moss (Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus)… Read More Springy Turf-moss