Various Mosses

Back from the weekly shop and there has been a break in the clouds. Barely packed away and I have my camera in hand. I love seeing how the rain enlivens and refreshes everything, it is just my thing πŸ™‚ An odd title for this post I know, but this patch of green just off my front driveway measures around 4×2 inches (100x50mm). I am like a little kid again seeing things for the first time, wide-eyed and full of amazement at how wonderful and beautiful nature is, and I hope I never lose this feeling of wonderment and magic.

At worm’s eye view I can see at least four different species of moss, and maybe two species of lichen (please click the image for higher quality). All this within about 8 square inches, and growing on concrete. We pass by so much each day of our lives without always seeing what is write under our noses, and I am as guilty as many for this. It is so nice just to be able to stop the wheel of modern living even just for a few revolutions, or even just to slow it down a little, and focus our senses and minds on something that has been there all along, and to enjoy it!

10 thoughts on “4×2

  1. Dear Pete,

    When you wrote that you are like a little kid again… I often feel the same in the nature. Here, in Finland we sometimes, when lucky, can see the polar lights in the north and then I am also like a little kid with my mouth open, just wondering and astonished about the beauty of the nature.

    Thanks for sharing, Pete

    Have a nice Sunday

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  2. So much texture and color packed into a small space. I am always in awe when viewing sunrises and sunsets. The cloud formations and range of hues are infinite.

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    1. Thank you, Sandy πŸ™‚ Yes, I like to watch sunsets and sunrises, and watching different cloud formations. I also love watching the stars. I am in awe of it all, and often spellbound by such wonder and beauty πŸ™‚

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  3. So good to hear a kindred spirit speaking on behalf of the wee things in nature that most people miss. Wherever I am I always notice each leaf and how it’s changed since I saw it last. Although I must admit with only ‘distance glasses’ I do sometimes miss tiny insects on flowers and then are amazed when I view my flower images on my 27″ screen.

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