Watching The Geese

I think this goose was actually watching me! It was a beautiful start to the day again down by the lake. An easier day beckoned after walking up and down Walla Crag the day before, so what better way to spend but down by the shimmering waters of Derwentwater. The Greylag geese were certainly enjoying... Continue Reading →

The Stony Stream

This is actually a shot of the River Greta which runs through Keswick. 'Greta' derives from the Old Norse 'Griótá', meaning 'stony stream'. I have always been fascinated with the concept of just focusing on something, a small part of something, like a patch of grass, or a section of river. I find I see... Continue Reading →

Into The Marsh

You may be wondering what this is a photograph of, huh? Well it looks kind of like very fine green barbed wire, but no. It's not a kind of grass, either. It is does not have any Photoshop jiggery pokery either, this is as I had taken it near the shore of Derwentwater. It was... Continue Reading →

Castlerigg Stone Circle

I walked 3 miles from the centre of Keswick to this most mystical and magical Neolithic stone circle of Castlerigg. It is around 5200 years old, built before the Pyramids. I fell in love with it and its magnificent setting some 18 years ago when I first visited here. It is located on a low... Continue Reading →

Walla Crag – The Descent

On the way down from the fell and passing by a traditional dry stone wall we see Clough Head on the right beyond rollling green pastures. I thought how lonely and lost those horses looked amidst the enormity of the landscape, and had to try to capture the moment. You may have to click and... Continue Reading →

View From The Shore

This is one of the views from across Derwentwater, a large body of water in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria. The last time I visited here was 18 years ago. I wonder why I left it so long when there is so much beauty here amidst nature. July 2018, © Pete Hillman.

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