View From The Shore


This is one of the views from across Derwentwater, a large body of water in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria. The last time I visited here was 18 years ago. I wonder why I left it so long when there is so much beauty here amidst nature.

July 2018, © Pete Hillman.

28 thoughts on “View From The Shore

    • Thank you, Brian 🙂 I got excited and thought I had got one, but it was the other. No indented spot. I really hope you get your High Brown! Its a beautiful part of the country, and I am sure you will have awonderful time there.

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  1. A reminder of how beautiful northern England is. Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

    I haven’t been to the Lake District since a childhood visit but keep meaning to go back. I have explored it through Arthur Ransome’s famous books in the meantime 🙂

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  2. In sunshine there is no better place for views though Scotland is pretty good as well, And Wales. And Cornwall 🙂
    In fact when the sun is shining the UK has some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

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  3. In reading about the place, I learned that fells is a word for what we call hills, and these surely are lovely. I like the sinuous curve along the top of the hill in the photo.

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    • We call them hills, too, but in this area they are commonly called fells. There are also mountains here, too. I was trying to find the name of the fell in the image, I am a one for knowledge of places. I will have to try harder. Thank you, Linda 🙂

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