Autumn Winds

Autumn Winds

Whilst out in the local beech woods on Sunday morning I wanted to try and capture not only the autumnal colours but also the movement of the leaves to express how windy these past days have been due to a storm system crossing the country. I used a slow camera speed to try an capture the flutter of leaves in the cool October wind. I know this kind of contradicts what we try and do in photography, which is to attempt to capture the world perfectly still, between bouts of wind, but I thought I would just run with it, go with the flow of the wind and see where it took me πŸ™‚

October 2017, Staffordshire, England.

22 thoughts on “Autumn Winds

  1. Oh, yes Pete… you must try stuff like that and keep pushing the boundaries. It does have a very fluttery effect, and personally I think its very artistic. I’m kinda laughing at myself here because I’m hardly qualified to make such pronouncements! But the effect reminds me of Susan Enwhistle’s art which Nigel and I saw at the only Chelsea Flower Show we’ve ever attended. Do you know her work? If not, she’s at

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  2. While it’s true that many of us like crispness in many or most of our photographs, no hard-and-fast rules exist about what must be done or can’t be done in a photograph. I’m suddenly reminded of the line from Rabelais: “Fais ce que voudras,” “Do whatever you wish.”

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    • Thank you very much, Jill πŸ™‚ You know, I took quite a few photos about this and rejected most of them. This was the first photo of the bunch I took which I thought kinda worked.

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