Rainbow’s End

Of x2 images. These two photographs show the same stunning autumn rainbow which appeared as a part of a 'double rainbow' ... there was a fainter one above this one. Unfortunately I had my macro lens on at the time, and I know how quickly rainbows can fade. So I grabbed my camera and took... Continue Reading →

Red Dawn

"Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning" The last day of September starts off with quite an amazing spectacle at sunrise ... but ends with heavy rain coming nightfall. Rear garden. September 2019 © Pete Hillman.

Not of This World …

... ah,  but it is ... on the third rock from the sun, planet Earth. Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight is quite famous for its different coloured sands, and a craft tourist industry has grown up around it since early Victorian times. Here are cliffs of sand of varying hues. The sands are... Continue Reading →

Autumn Dawn

I crack open the window blinds and my sleep weary eyes are filled with such wonder and joy, such magic of the world and the cosmos as a new day dawns. September 2018, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

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