October Blooms

False Castor Oil Plant Fatsia Japonica

The False Castor Oil Plant (Fatsia Japonica) waits for summer to pass, and then for autumn to bed down a little before deciding to flower.

October 2017, rear garden, Staffordshire, England.

12 thoughts on “October Blooms

  1. Well I can’t fault a latecomer! Nice picture Pete! Must get out with the lens in the next week now that our rains have stopped (momentarily!).

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  2. Super photo and bet the your bees are happy with late blooms. I love the Japanese fatsia and wish it could survive our icy winters!

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  3. This doesn’t look exactly like our button bush, but it has the same ball-like shape and white flowers: close enough! I get such a kick out of flowers that have those extended stamens. They’re just cute.

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