Turkey Oak

Quercus cerris A fast growing deciduos tree, this oak grows up to 30m (98ft) tall, and is a widely spreading specimen with long main branches rising from a relatively stout trunk. The bark is grey with fine, deep vertical fissures. The leaves are usually long and narrow, but sometimes long and ovate. The lobes are… Read More Turkey Oak

Red Oak

Quercus rubra A broadly domed deciduous tree which can grow up to 35m (115ft) tall. It has straight branches radiating from a short trunk. The bark is smooth in younger trees and ridged when mature, and is silver-grey or brownish-grey in colour. The green deeply lobed leaves are large, ranging from 10-25 cm long, the… Read More Red Oak

Holm Oak

Quercus ilex Also called ‘Holly Oak’  or ‘Evergreen Oak’, this oak is a dense evergreen tree with tough foliage which grows up to 20m (66ft) tall.  The crown is dense, dark and broadly domed, often on a short trunk with several ascending large branches. The bark is dark grey with shallow fissures, and in time… Read More Holm Oak

Wood Anemone

Anemone nemorosa An early spring flower of delicate white with 6-12 petals. The flowers only open fully in good light, and will follow the direction of the sun’s travel across the skies. The leaves are long-stalked, and deeply lobed. It flowers March to June. The Wood Anemone forms spectacular drifts in deciduous woodland, meadows and… Read More Wood Anemone


Galanthus nivalis The Snowdrop is amongst the earliest plants to flower in spring. Produced from bulbs, the flowers are a delicate virgin white, as the colour of snow, and the heads droop downwards, hence its vernacular name. Each flower has three spreading sepals, and three much shorter notched petals with a pale green marking. The… Read More Snowdrop

Hybrid Oak

Quercus x rosacea (= Q. petraea x Q. robur) The parents of this hybrid Quercus petraea and Quercus robur can be quite variable in themselves, and thus the resulting offspring Quercus x rosacea may also be fairly variable having varying strengths of its parents which can make identification somewhat confusing, even more so when these characteristics appear mixed… Read More Hybrid Oak

Sessile Oak

Quercus petraea Also called the ‘Durmast Oak’, it is a sturdy deciduous tree, with long radiating branches around a taller more upright trunk compared to the Pedunculate Oak. It can grow up to height of 40m (131ft). The leaves have five to six lobes, and are dark green and hairless above, with yellow stalks 1-2.5cm… Read More Sessile Oak

Wood Ant

Formica Rufa I remember the very first time I encountered these large ants. It was on a school camping trip back in 1976 at the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. I was fascinated not only by their size and colour, but by the huge anthills they had buit to house their colonies. This experience would stay… Read More Wood Ant

Common Powderhorn

Cladonia coniocraea This is a vibrant green lichen when wet, but dull when dry. The podetia (stalk-like growths) are narrow and curved, and tapering to a point or a tiny cup. These can grow up to a height of 3cm. Found on mossy, decaying tree stumps. Common and widespread throughout. Photographs of Common Powderhorn (Cladonia… Read More Common Powderhorn

Golden Scalycap

Pholiota aurivella A fairly large mushroom with a cap of up to 12cm across, it is golden yellow or rusty brown covered in darker scales. Found clustered on the dead wood of deciduous trees, especially tree trunks or logs. It is widespread but occasional. Photographs of Golden Scalycap (Pholiota aurivella), taken October 2016, local wood, Staffordshire.… Read More Golden Scalycap

Oak Mazegill

Daedalea quercina This has a semicircular or fan-shaped fruit body which is quite woody with a maze of gill-like ridges on the underside. This bracket is broadly attached to the substrate, and sometimes has a defined umbo. The upper surface is lumpy and warty, these often formed in concentric ridges with shades of grey, brown… Read More Oak Mazegill