Meet Myrmica ruginodis

Myrmica ruginodis

This is a fairly common red ant, and one which I tend to find in the grass verge out the front of my house when cutting it. The workers are 4-6mm  (around 1/4 inch) long. I found difficulty in identifying them specifically, but with help and due thanks to Mike Fox from BWARS for confirming Myrmica ruginodis.

Myrmica ruginodis

They are found in  various habitats including woodland, grasslands and gardens. Common and widespread throughout great Britain, and probably our most commonest ant.

Myrmica ruginodis


Myrmica ruginodis


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August 2017, front grass verge, Staffordshire, England.

23 thoughts on “Meet Myrmica ruginodis

  1. Hello Myrmica ruginodis, I think you and some of your friends bit me all over my ankles once, but I will forgive this as you are so beautifully detailed. If it wasn’t you, but other ants, I apologise now. 🙂

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