Meet Myrmica ruginodis

This is a fairly common red ant, and one which I tend to find in the grass verge out the front of my house when cutting it. The workers are 4-6mm  (around 1/4 inch) long. I found difficulty in identifying them specifically, but with help and due thanks to Mike Fox from BWARS for confirming... Continue Reading →

The Clean Queen

The new queen ant which has fled the nest on its nuptial flight seems to be more interested in the ornate ball set atop the post of my decking. She seemed to be eating the decking oil (see image directly below) I had treated it with, which I have seen other ants do in the... Continue Reading →

Wood Ant

Formica Rufa I remember the very first time I encountered these large ants. It was on a school camping trip back in 1976 at the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. I was fascinated not only by their size and colour, but by the huge anthills they had buit to house their colonies. This experience would stay... Continue Reading →

Black Garden Ant

Lasius niger A uniformly dark brown ant which has a single, scale-like waist segment. Length worker 3 to 5mm, queen 7 to 9mm. The Black Garden Ant goes through four stages of development, from egg to larva, cocoon, and finally adult. They have a complex social order, with a worker caste and a queen. A... Continue Reading →

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