Autumn Colours





Summer has slipped away, and although we have crossed over the threshold into autumn, colour is still abound even as blooms fade.

Hydrangea, rear garden, Staffordshire. October 2017.

23 thoughts on “Autumn Colours

  1. Hydrangeas are one the shrubs of the season. Mine do not flower even though I spring prune back to twin buds. I recently read a blog where they cut them back hard each spring, and the flowers were fantastic. I am going to give this a go next spring!

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    • I cut mine at the wrong time of the year and they didn’t flower at all the following summer, which was last year. So I just let them be, and they have bloomed wonderfully this year.


    • Very windy here, and many leaves have being whipped from their boughs and are fluttering around the streets and gardens here. Plenty more to come down yet though.


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