Dock Bug Coreus marginatus

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus

I have featured this extraordinary ‘bug’ before in a previous post, and you can learn more about it there if you wish to: Dock Leaf Bug. However, please note the two converging lobes on the nose in the second image down. This is diagnostic of this species.

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus

When I came across several of them this morning on a local woodland margin, I also saw two instars which can be seen below. Note the differences between the adult on the left and the final instar on the right in the image directly underneath.

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus adult and final instar

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus final instar

Below is a mid instar, and comparisons can be made between the two stages with the final instar above.

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus mid instar

August 2017, Staffordshire, England.


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