Where The Colours Really Shine

Basking in the warming afternoon sun and showing off its very fine shiny colours, this is the Gorse Shieldbug Piezodorus lituratus. It must have got itself lost for it is generally associated with Gorse, but there is no Gorse in my back garden. However I am pleased it stopped by, for this is my very... Continue Reading →

Green Shield Bug Palomena prasina

Double click to get a little closer. August 2017, local woodland margin, Staffordshire, England.

Dock Bug Coreus marginatus

I have featured this extraordinary 'bug' before in a previous post, and you can learn more about it there if you wish to: Dock Leaf Bug. However, please note the two converging lobes on the nose in the second image down. This is diagnostic of this species. When I came across several of them this... Continue Reading →

Neolygus contaminatus

There are quite a few of these green capsid bugs around, and they can be quite confusing to identify with accuracy. This one is usually found on birch, and is common and widespread throughout Britain. The adults are seen June to September, and can grow up to 6mm (0.2in) long. Rear garden, Staffordshire, England. July... Continue Reading →

‘Bugs’ Bunny

No, not a rabbit or a strange Frankenstein hybrid between bunny and bug, but just a bug, a true bug from the order of insects called Hemiptera. I know one thing this small bug likes to do, and that is to wave his extraordinarily long antennae around. Here, there and everywhere. Please click on an... Continue Reading →

Calocoris stysi

Formerly called Grypocoris stysi, this is quite a distinctive and attractive plant bug which I came upon as I walked along a local woodland margin. July 2017.

Being Bugged

In the garden this morning I could not help but notice how many of these bugs called the Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina), where sunning themselves on my bush. The more I looked the more I saw, and to my astonishment they were in various stages of colouring. There were about ten in all quite happily... Continue Reading →

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