Neolygus contaminatus

There are quite a few of these green capsid bugs around, and they can be quite confusing to identify with accuracy. This one is usually found on birch, and is common and widespread throughout Britain. The adults are seen June to September, and can grow up to 6mm (0.2in) long. Rear garden, Staffordshire, England. July… Read More Neolygus contaminatus

‘Bugs’ Bunny

No, not a rabbit or a strange Frankenstein hybrid between bunny and bug, but just a bug, a true bug from the order of insects called Hemiptera. I know one thing this small bug likes to do, and that is to wave his extraordinarily long antennae around. Here, there and everywhere. Please click on an… Read More ‘Bugs’ Bunny

Being Bugged

In the garden this morning I could not help but notice how many of these bugs called the Green Shieldbug (Palomena prasina), where sunning themselves on my bush. The more I looked the more I saw, and to my astonishment they were in various stages of colouring. There were about ten in all quite happily… Read More Being Bugged

Hawthorn Shield Bug

Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale I find I get a lot of these bugs visiting my garden. Typically, like all shield bugs, this bug is shield-shaped, which is generally green in colour with a triangle of reddish-brown on its back with a green centre. The wings are red-tipped, and the antennae are long with few segments. It can… Read More Hawthorn Shield Bug

Hairy Shieldbug

Dolycoris baccarum Also called the ‘Sloe Bug’, it is a medium-sized bug with narrow shoulders which do not project beyond the width of the abdomen. It is very hairy, and it is normally brownish to reddish in colouration. The scutellum is greenish with a yellow tip. It is a about 12mm long. They feed on… Read More Hairy Shieldbug

Green On Green

I discovered this green bug when it flew through my patio door. It is called the Green Shield Bug  (Palomena prasina). It is commonly seen resting on vegetation, but handle with care, for as a defence  mechanism it secretes a foul-smelling odour which has earned it another name ‘Stink Bug’. Photograph taken June 2016, rear… Read More Green On Green