16 thoughts on “Moves Like A Mouse

  1. When I enlarged the photo, it occurred to me that the fur of the spider (if that’s what it’s called) resembles that of a mouse: Robert Burns’s “wee sleekit”!

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    1. It is only quite a small spider, smaller than a mouse. But it is quite a furry spider and moves in a mouse-like way. Don’t worry, it won’t jump through the screen πŸ˜‰

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      1. Sometimes I view your critters on the smallest screen I own (iPhone)just in case there’s a chance of that happening haha!

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  2. A nice find! I had one as a visitor when I was staying in a mobile home in Sussex, but haven’t seen one recently. Of course if you google ‘mouse spider’, you’re immediately bombarded with photos of a much larger and highly venomous Australian species of the same name…I’d be surprised if the UK tabloids have never managed to print that one by mistake!

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  3. Does move like a mouse mean whizzing by at the speed of light? Last mouse I saw I barely saw, or does this little chap creep quietly?

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