Toad In A Watering Can

It is as the title states but after the event. This fairly large toad was found in one of my garden watering cans, and I can only guess it hopped in there when the can was on its side at some stage. Thankfully it was released unharmed near my garden pond where it hopped away... Continue Reading →

Toad From The Leaf Pile

This little one gave me quite a start as I was sweeping up some fallen leaves in the back garden this afternoon. It must have been hiding under a pile when I disturbed it with my dustpan and brush, and it suddenly emerged and hopped across the patio. It found a gap under my gate... Continue Reading →

Two Toads In a Hole

For the last three nights and days I have heard something akin to a very old rusty wheelbarrow being pushed along coming from beneath a bush on the edge of my garden pond. It sounds like the male mating call of a frog or a toad, which one I don't know for I haven't seen... Continue Reading →

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