Toad In A Watering Can

Common Toad Bufo bufo

It is as the title states but after the event. This fairly large toad was found in one of my garden watering cans, and I can only guess it hopped in there when the can was on its side at some stage. Thankfully it was released unharmed near my garden pond where it hopped away and swam for cover.

Common Toad Bufo bufo

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Common Toad Bufo bufo, June 2018, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. © Pete Hillman.

27 thoughts on “Toad In A Watering Can

  1. Poor Mr. Toad! At my childhood home in the Spring, we’d always find a toad in the window well, half-buried in old leaves. It would’ve been a 3- or 4-foot jump to get down in there, and we always worried how they’d get out, so we rescued them. Glad yours is okay!

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  2. This toad had been on an adventure, maybe the water had some nourishment and it survived.
    The same happened to me last year with a beautiful frog. I normally store the watering cans upside down but this was open to weather, leaves and …frogs.
    He/ she was also happily hopping away once rescued.


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    • It is sad. I found the remains of one on my front garden the other day, so goodness knows what happened to that poor thing. I find I have to move my green wheely recycling bin out very carefully because they have the habit of hiding under there, and I accidently trod on one once! I have frogs and toads in the garden, but there are still lots and lots of slugs and snails!

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  3. We keep finding little common toads in my neighbours watering cans. She found one dead last year so goes around after it has rains and empties them. We also found one in our watering can. We can’t work out where they come from but have come to the conclusion they must come down in the rain although I’m not really convinced.! I’ve built a pond and bog pond at the top of the garden and if we find one in they go. They have stone steps to get in and out so hopefully they’ll be back.

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    • I wondered about the toad in my own can, and considered it may have crawled in there if the can had been knocked over and lay on its side at night. I have seen garden snails in the can but they can easily slither up the side and crawl in, unlike a toad. I know water spouts can lift up fish and frogs and rain them down, but I am not convinced this is the case here either. Your pond and bog garden sound great!


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