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Pergamasus sp

I just really like some names of species (or in this case the genus) so I used it as the title for this post.

Pergamasus are verocious predatory mites of soil and leaf-litter. And unfortunately not much more info is forthcoming.

Pergamasus sp.

Here are three individuals I discovered .. yep, under that plant pot.

10 thoughts on “Pergamasus

    • They indeed are. They live in practically every habitat, and include aquatic and terrestrial species. They outnumber most other arthropods found in soil, organic matter and leaf litter. They are just so tiny they are often overlooked.


  1. Your fascinating discoveries make me want to lift up my pots with a camera in hand – only I think our currently very dry conditions are not conducive to life. There are so few snails about that I photograph them out of curiosity!

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