Green Shieldbug

Palomena prasina – As soon as the sun appears these shieldbugs crawl out of their hidey-holes and bask in its warming rays. This one is still sporting its autumn camouflage suit, although I have noticed others are gradually changing back to green to blend in with the new spring growth. Double-click on image to enlarge.

Green Shieldbug Palomena prasina

© Peter Hillman ♦ 16th March 2020 ♦ Back garden, Staffordshire ♦ Nikon D7200

10 thoughts on “Green Shieldbug

    • It’s great to be able to see the different stages of development, and hopefully you will get a shot of an adult, or will share one. They appear right at home here in the garden, and I see a fair few throughout a year normally.

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