Land of Lilliput

Iodine Bonnet (Mycena filopes)

Sometimes when we see photographs it is hard to get a sense of scale of things. If it wasn’t for the moss in the above image we may be led to think that this is just an ordinary mushroom of sorts. Until you look at the image below of my little fingernail.

Iodine Bonnet (Mycena filopes)

The mushroom is out of fungus, I mean out of focus due to the depth of field, and I took the photo one-handed. A tripod would not have reached the height of the bough it was growing on. I roughly estimate that you could propably fit the tiny mushroom on my fingernail up to 50 times. To the right of my finger you can see some fruiting cup lichen and its leaves, which I hadn’t noticed at the time when taking the photograph.

Photographs of Iodine Bonnet (Mycena filopes), taken November 2016, local river bank , Staffordshire. Ā© Pete Hillman 2016. Camera used Nikon D7200, with Sigma 105mm macro lens. Manual setting, hand-held. ISO 320. 1/160 sec. f/6.3.

10 thoughts on “Land of Lilliput

  1. šŸ™‚ Good idea to make this mushroom size compare to the size of the human finger! Must of the people don’t realize how small objects are photographed by macro lens… Beautiful picture! šŸ™‚

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  2. The wonder of nature, it never stops amazing us.
    Well spotted and beautiful photograph.

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  3. That you even noticed this tiny shroom in the first place is pretty amazing. Oh the things we see when we truly look…
    Great shot!

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  4. Nice shot and thanks for then size reference. I would have thought it was about the length of my finer and the head about the size of th tip of my finger.

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