Super Blue Blood Moon

Mine was just grey aroudn teatime here. But it was still a super site to witness, especially when one considers the last one was 150 years ago. January 2018, from rear garden, Staffordshire, England.

Supermoon #2

Higher in the sky now, and appearing a tad smaller than when it was rising, and more like its usual colour. So what really is a 'supermoon'? This moon is not only the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year, but it is the closest supermoon since 26th January 1948, almost 69 years ago. I... Continue Reading →


I was lucky to catch site of this 'Supermoon' as the clouds parted. I caught it as it was just rising low on the horizon, and as the sun was slipping down on the opposite side of the planet, hence this odd colour. Not as sharp as I would have liked it, but the clouds... Continue Reading →

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