16 thoughts on “Young Froggy Uncovered Again

    1. It’s the Common Frog, and along with the Common Toad one I see fairly regular in the garden. This is only small ….. about as big as your thumb.


  1. Despite the fact that frogs are amphibians and alligators are reptiles, the fact is that an alligator with only its eyes and nose tip above water can look remarkably like a frog — especially if the alligators a small, young one. I’ve only realized that this year, and now I suspect what I interpreted as bullfrogs in the past might have been something quite different — and not as cute as this little one!

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  2. Fantastic close-up, Pete. I was just about to ask how big and saw your response above. Tiny! Terrific work for such a challenging subject. 🙂

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    1. Many thanks Jane. You have to be quick, too, for they don’t hang around for very long once you uncover them, and they are soon hopping into the bushes! 🙂

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