Catching The Sun

Autmum fell to winter, and winter flew and we are already enjoying a wonderful spring here on this side of the pond. Finally I made it back after a fairly long hiatus, and I will look forward to catching up with you all!

This is one of my favourites which seemingly appeared out of nowhere in one of my flowerbeds. The Welsh Poppy Meconopsis cambrica has a the most beautiful sunny colours, so bright, cheery and vibrant the petals almost appear to capture the sun itself.

May 2019, rear garden, Staffordshire, England. Β© Pete Hillman.

PS: Has anybody used the new ‘Block’ editor yet, and what do you think about it?

62 thoughts on “Catching The Sun

  1. How wonderful to have you back! This Welsh Poppy is new to me and is a perfect symbol for your return.For the record, I have decided not to use the block editor – why ‘fix’ what is not broken!

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  2. Well Pete how nice to see you blogging again. I was away from blogging for awhile and have returned. I was sad to see you had not blogged in awhile. Welcome back.

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  3. How wonderful to see you again, Pete! Your sunny poppy is an especially nice “first” entry, and it’s a beautiful flower. I can’t remember ever seeing a yellow poppy, even among cultivars, and this is very appealing.

    As far as the block editor goes, I tried it briefly (very briefly!) and rejected it. It’s awkward and clumsy to use, and clearly is not designed for writers. With any luck, they’ll not eventually force it on us.

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  4. Nice to see you back with this lovely flower.
    As for the Block Editor, I haven’t even tried it. I am familiar with the Classic Editor and it works for me so why change. Maybe it is better but I can’t be bothered to try to learn it. The first time I looked at the Block Editor, I didn’t really understand how it worked and I gave up very quickly still having access to the Classic Editor. I guess that if WordPress decide one day not to support the Classic, then I will have to learn the new version… (Suzanne

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    • Thank you Suzanne! I do like the Classic editor myself, too, and I will experiment with the new editor a little more, but I suppose it is what we are most comfortable with.


  5. Great to have you back! At first the new block editor drove me crazy but now, whilst I am travelling and using the WordPress app to write posts I find I am liking it more. It is fairly easy to switch between the two, also. Thanks for the picture, I too, was not familiar with the Welsh Poppy.

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  6. Love the Welsh poppy, but don’t see it down here. I have seen loads in the Lake District. They are lovely. As for the block editor or even the previous editor they seem to be designed for people working on tablets or phones. I tried it once and swiftly went back to the original editor which has more features. And nice to see you back posting πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Ellen πŸ™‚ The only advantage I can see is it appears to utiise columns better, although you can’t appear to change the width of each column, so I am wondering what is the real point. Thank you for your feed back.

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  7. Welcome back Pete, I thought about you many times and had quite given up on your return.. what a great start to my Sunday. I saw a ‘like’ from you and came looking to see if you’d done a post. I adore Meconopsis and this yellow is so vibrant and cheerful!

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    • Hi Liz,
      Thank you very much! I just got so tangled up in other things here, and it felt I had been away for so long I wondered if I ever would get back! I hope all is well with you and I will look forward to finally do some catching up!

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  8. I’m glad you’re back and the bright yellow is a huge contrast to the dark stormy days we’ve had the past several weeks.

    I tried the block editor a couple of months ago thinking I would go ahead and jump on the band wagon. I didn’t like it. Probably because it’s different. It’s similar to what’s used on the site where I have my photos. I’m just going to wait until I’m “forced” to change. One thing I learned (at least about me) in my 40+ years in the corporate world working with all types of systems, programs, interfaces, etc. is that the changes generally turn out to be better even though I hate it the first day.

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    • Thank you very much David! I appreciate your thoughts on the block editor, and although I have tinkered with it a little I think I prefer the Classic editor, although one would soon accomodate the new system if forced to use it. I will look forward to catching up on your wonderful blogs and photos!

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  9. Yes indeed, welcome back! Lovely poppy – like a giant buttercup!
    I have not yet tried the new editor. I have read several reviews of it and nothing made me want to rush out and try it although I gather it might make some formatting aspects quicker to do. Also I read that, at least in the teething stages, it could cause the format of older posts to go a bit haywire, but I should think that is sorted by now. I have also been thinking of asking my readers if they have tried it yet, so I am interested to see the responses to your query.

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  10. Welcome back! πŸ™‚

    Lovely shot of a very beautiful flower. Interestingly, some of these have appeared this spring in one of my local ancient woodlands, although I don’t think that they’re native to this side of the country.

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