17 thoughts on “Mushroom worlds #18

    1. I really appreciate that, David, thank you 🙂 The situation was far from delicate though, getting down on elbows in leaf litter and damp earth to get the worm’s eye view, but worth the discomfort if I can come a way with a few decent shots expressing this almost hidden minature world on the woodland floor.

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    1. Yes. I was out in the woods on Sunday afternoon and searching around a fallen tree and here were these tiny shrooms growing out the decaying wood. It was quite dark and gloomy where they were, but a world in minature for sure 🙂


  1. Another lovely delicate little fungi.

    I never get to see mushrooms or toadstools around my new(ish) home area. Too dry I suppose.

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  2. Wonderful photo!
    I have never seen this kind in reality, but I love this small mushrooms – and I realy like the english name! 🙂

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