Gyrohypnus angustatus

It looks nothing like what one would expect a beetle to look like. It appears to be more like an earwig than a beetle, but it is indeed a beetle with short wing casings and a long narrow body. The rove beetle family Staphylinidae contains some of our smallest species of beetle. This little fellow only grows up to 7mm long.

Both the adults and the larvae of many species are predators of other invertebrates, and can be quite the gardener’s friend when keeping down pests like plant mites. Rove beetles have a habit of raising or flicking the tail end of their abdomen in warning, often spraying a noxious chemical. Gyrohypnus angustatus can fly, believe it or not, like many other rove beetles, or beetles in general.

It can be seen all year round, and can be found in various habitats. It is widespread and frequent.

Photographs taken August 2015, rear garden, Staffordshire.

2 thoughts on “Gyrohypnus angustatus

  1. Hi Pete,
    Love rove beetles! Reminds me I have a beetle to upload. In fact I have loads to upload, and with regards to rove beetles I think I have one of the largest down the smallest. In fact along Glischrochilus hortensis, which is a new one for my garden, I also found the smallest rove again, the latter being quite common in compost bins, and amongst the spilt bird feed around the base of the bird table. Laters…..

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    1. I am the same here with my nature photographs, especially insects. Its having the time to sort them and post them, as well dealing with the new stuff. I like rove beetles also, and the Devil’s Coach Horse has always been one of my favourites since seeing it as a young boy. I will look forward to your new photos Mick.


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