Yellow Corydalis Pseudofumaria lutea

Class Magnoliopsida: Dicotyledons » Order Ranunculales » Family Papaveraceae: Poppies » Pseudofumaria lutea (L.) Borkh.

Plant height 15-30 cm. Flower length 1.2-2 cm.

A perennial herb, the golden yellow flowers have 2 outer lips and are borne in one-sided spikes. The leaves are pinnately divided, each leaflet with 3 rounded lobes.

It flowers from May to October, and is found on old garden walls or between cracks in paving, and between limestone rocks. A non-native species which has now become naturalised. Originally from the Alps, it was being grown in Britain by 1596, and was first recorded in the wild in 1796. It became widespread in the early 1800s. Common and widespread throughout Britain.