Spot The Little Fishy

I believe these are Shanny (Lipophrys pholis), also called Blenny. As the tide pulled out it left these crystal clear pools of water and in them they teemed with these young fish which moved nimbly through the shallow water. They are so well adapted to their environment you would hardly notice them until they moved.... Continue Reading →


Lipophrys pholis Also called the ‘Common Blenny’, its colouration is variable from dark brown to greenish depending on its surrounding environment. It has no scales but is covered in a protective slime which stops it from drying out during periods when it is out of the water. It has an elongated body with a long... Continue Reading →

Three-spined Stickleback

Gasterosteus aculeatus This is a small fish sometimes called a ‘Tiddler’, with 2 to 4 dorsal spines (usually 3 spines), just in front of the dorsal fin. Larger fish are discouraged from swallowing Sticklebacks because of those dorsal spines which can be sharp and locked erect. A favourite quarry of children with fishing nets in... Continue Reading →

Sand Smelt

Atherina presbyter Also called ‘Silversides’ or ‘Little Sand Smelt’, it is a slender, silvery-looking fish with a small head and large eyes. It is yellowish, transluscent green above, pale below with silver scales along its flanks which is often outlined in black. It has 2 dorsal fins sited above pelvic and anal respectively. Length 15... Continue Reading →

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