The Crying Willow

The Old Willow

On the banks of the Great Myree, the old willow, now bent and crooked with age, shed a single tear. It froze one cold winter’s night, and has remained so through summer heat and seasons rainfalls for countless years. Like fossilised amber the tear shall remain as long as the old willow shall stand.

December 2017, Staffordshire England.

Two Visions of Narnia

Visions of Narnia

I just stepped out the wardrobe, back from Narnia, where I have two visions. The top image is colour balanced via the shadows and midtones with a cutout filter added, the bottom image as I originally saw it with very little editing. Do you have a preference? Click on images for a closer look.

Visions of Narnia

December 2017, The Other Side of The Wardrobe, Narnia

A View From A Window

December Snow

Yesterday we had the first snowfall here for several years here. We had around 50mm (2 inches), but it was enough to cause chaos on the roads and keep me home. Overnight came freezing temperatures and more snow showers, and just a few moments a go I took the image you see above from my study window. It is a ‘Winter Wonderland’ out there for sure, and I am like a child again with wild excitement and wonderment at this beautiful icing- topped New World beyond the pane.

Just now, December 2017, Staffordshre, England.