Morning Fox On The Roof

Early this morning as I got up for work I looked out my bedroom window. What should I see on my garage roof? A beautiful young fox. I barely managed to open the blinds enough to get a reasonable few shots in, and dared not open the window, so these were taken through glass. It... Continue Reading →


Fox Upon The Roof #2

About an hour ago I had a wonderful visitor who looked wet through to the bone after a heavy night's rainfall, and looked a little worse for wear with what looks like a dirty cobweb strewn across his or her nose. I photographs this young Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) through the glass of my bedroom... Continue Reading →

Fox Upon The Roof

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Some years ago I discovered foxes favoured my garage roof to relax. I would look out of my bedroom window, and to my surprise I would see them just chilling out and warming themselves in the golden rays of sunlight. This was rather unusual to see as the foxes around here... Continue Reading →

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