The Flame

Axylia putris

An unmistakeble species which has little variation, except some may show a reddish-brown tinge on the forewing. It has excellent camouflage when at rest as it folds its wings close to its body, lays back its antennae, and mimics a broken stem or twig. A dark leading edge and a dark kidney mark on the forewing readily distinguishes this species from others that maybe similar.Wingspan 27 to 32mm. Forewing length 14 to 16mm.

The caterpillar feeds on Common Nettle, White Dead Nettle, and other low-growing plants.

It Flies June to July, and it is found in various habitats, including woodland margins, farmland, hedgerows and gardens. A common and widespread species except further north where it is more local.

Photographs taken June 2016, rear garden, Staffordshire.