Rock Springtail

Anurida maritima A bluish-grey springtail with 3 thoracic segments and 6 abdominal segments. It has 3 pairs of legs. The entire body is covered with white hydrophobic hairs which allow it to stay above the surface of the water on which it spends much of its life. The Rock Springtail cannot leap like other springtails.… Read More Rock Springtail

Orchesella cincta

This springtail has a distinctive yellowish band across the third abdominal segment. Length 4mm. They feed on plant detritus. Seen all year round, and live in various habitats, under rocks and stones. Common and widespread throughout the British Isles. Photograph taken July 2015, rear garden, Staffordshire.

Tomocerus minor

I found this curious, tiny critter under a stone I lifted in my back garden. This springtail has a uniform purplish iridescence. Length up to 4.5mm. They feed on plant detritus. They are seen all year round, and are found in damp and shady places like under logs and stones, and amongst leaf litter. Very… Read More Tomocerus minor