A Stonefly

Nemurella picteti

Nemurella picteti

Stoneflies belong to their own insect order called Plecoptera. As the name refers to, they are mainly found in and on the fringes of stony rivers and streams.

Nemurella picteti is a small stonefly with long greyish wings and a brown abdomen. Body length 25mm.

Nemurella picteti

Hatches April to October. and flies spring to autumn. Found near streams, rivers and lakes. Common and widespread in England and Wales.

Photographs of Nemurella picteti May 2013, Wyre Forest, Worcestershire. © Pete Hillman 2013. Camera used Nikon Coolpix P500.

Under The Old Willow

On my local walk I often pass this old willow on the river bank. If you were to walk towards it, push back the tall grass and overgrowth, and peer closer at the moss laden boughs, you would see another world, a micro world of lichen and tiny mushrooms growing there.