The Snow Dragon Soars

The Snow Dragon

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This is in response to Liz’s post, ‘Pete’s Dragon’. She has a wonderful blog called ‘Exploring Colour – New Zealand’. She has also written a lovely poem calledOde to Snow Dragon. And Candice at This Made me Smile Today’ has also written a lovely poem called Flight of The Snow Dragon in response. Thank you, Liz, for breathing ‘Life’ into my Snow Dragon!

To add, Damien B. Donnelly who has a wonderful blog called ‘Deuxiemepeau; Picturing Poetry, has written a most beautiful poem called ‘Dreams And Dragons’ and has even created a stunning piece of artwork to accompany it! You can hear his amazing recital of the poem via SoundCloud.

I feel a little bit out of my depth, but here goes:

The Snow Dragon Soars

We may not ever see the Snow Dragon in our lifetime, but she is always there, just rippling under the surface, connecting all and everything that has ever been and ever will be.

Swimming in the Dream Pool of our imaginations. Stirring and stimulating. Lighting the Path, and Opening the Way. We feel her at our sides. She softly caresses, and we can See.

A fleeting glimpse as she rides the mighty ocean waves that brush the top of ancient skies. Gleaming white scales of snow and ice, and a ridge of bones like a jagged mountain range is her spine. She blinds us with her magnificence and her majesty, yet we can see!

She soars through the dark abyss and a myriad points of diamond white light explode around her. They are stilled and they … breathe. New Worlds are Born.

Within Us the Snow Dragon soars.

July 2018, © Pete Hillman.

Catching The Moon

Rook Corvus frugilegus

The crow black
dropped his sack
at my dusty feet

As the sun beat down
on the dying ground
even the desert had to shy away

A single hooded eye
that told no lie
pierced my very soul!

And a cracked voice spoke
a riddle to evoke
from the haze of a distant dream

“Catch the Moon!
Catch it soon!
Before thine end …”

Something a little different from the norm, I know … © Pete Hillman 2017

The Mouldering Rose

Mouldering Rosebud

No sweet sugar-coating here
Nor no hoarfrost to set its beauty in ice

Mouldering Rosebud

But the seasons now a confusion of warmth, chill, and dampness
Blooming at the dawn of the Winter solstice
Blooming beautiful when long sleep should be

Mouldering Rosebud

And now the creeping, crawling mould takes hold
A lingering grip of death as it lives the rosebud succumbs

Mouldering Rosebud

A painless demise as Beauty fades
Yet still conquers as it holds fast the edge of the precipice
The rose will fall
Yet Life goes on whatever the season or the turmoil

Photographs taken December 2016, rear garden, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2016. Camera used Nikon D7200, with Sigma 105mm macro lens.