That Plant Pot Again


This is but a small plant pot, and I know you may think this odd, but I just grow a clump of moss in it all year round and nothing more. It appears to attract some varied wildlife (especially if you lift it up and look underneath it) and this Philodromus sp. crab spider was one of them. I spotted it yesterday whilst working the garden, and it appeared to be in a bit of a state of confusion, poor thing, as it kept going round and around the top edge of the pot.

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October 2019 © Pete Hillman.

In The Study Room

Philodromus sp aureolus group

I came across this little Philodromus sp from the aureolus group in my small study room from where I am now typing this. I find they make their way into the house fairly often in the summer months. They can be quite variable in their colours and markings and very hard to identify without microscopic examination.

Philodromus sp aureolus group

Philodromus sp aureolus group

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August 2017, Staffordshire, England.

Philodromus II

Philodromus sp

Another Philodromus sp. of Crab Spider on my Spotted Laurel which I spotted yesterday afternoon. The competition seems to be hotting up!


Philodromus sp.

I am not sure what species of crab spider this is, but it appears to belong to the genus Philodromus. It looks to be male with its large pedipalps, and it was out in the rain and the sun on my Spotted Laurel bush at the bottom of the garden.