Sunset Lights

I thought you might like a change from spiders 🙂 Please click on an image to get the full vision. Sunset from the West Shore, Llandudno, Wales. April 2017.


No special effects used here. Just a photo as it is, taken from a clifftop and looking down at the shallows below as the tide rolled in and softly kissed and melted the rocky coastline. Double click image to dive in ... April 2017, from atop the Great Orme, Llandudno, Wales.

Washed Up

Double click to get in amongst the various seaweeds washed up on the shore. August 2017, Shanklin Beach, Isle of White, England.

The Kid On The Great Orme

Here he or she is just coming into view. Full of spring, full of life, hardly ever keeping still. Always on the move with poor nanny not far behind, ensuring he or she does not get into any serious bother, like falling off the edge of the cliff. Stopping for a chobble, or doing one... Continue Reading →

Herring Gull

Larus argentatus These are the blighters that will swoop down and steal your ice cream or fish and chips whilst on the beach or the seafront. A few years ago I was sitting on a pebble beach and was about to tuck into a nice custard tart when one dive bombed me from behind and... Continue Reading →

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