Like Ornamental Glass

This is a hardy Geranium after rain, one of the few remaining flowers left in the garden as autumn deepens. The flower is so delicate and refined with those shimmering raindrops it is like it is made from the finest glass. This can be quite tricky to photograph. Besides the lighting conditions, it all depends... Continue Reading →

Under A Strip of Bark

By my plant pot full of moss I have a strip of bark leaning against some heather. Occasionally I will lift it to see what is sheltering in the dark and damp place it helps create there. Clinging to the underneath of the bark I found a 5-7mm (around 1/4 inch) Discus Snail (Discus rotundatus).... Continue Reading →

That Plant Pot Again

This is but a small plant pot, and I know you may think this odd, but I just grow a clump of moss in it all year round and nothing more. It appears to attract some varied wildlife (especially if you lift it up and look underneath it) and this Philodromus sp. crab spider was... Continue Reading →

Moss Becomes A Jungle

I was photographing another species of spider on a plant pot (a lot seems to happen on this plant pot for some reason?) and this one came along. I think it is a young Clubiona sp. and it was so small it was getting lost amongst the moss leaves. The darn thing would not keep... Continue Reading →


This is the Common Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea), which I discovered in my garden the other day. They are good at devouring greenfly, so can be one of the gardener's best buddies. It belongs to the order mentioned in the title 'Neuroptera' - which contains the 'net-winged insects' such as lacewings, antlions and mantidflies. One... Continue Reading →

Common Marble Celypha lacunana

x2 images. This one is a little faded, but you can see how patterned this small Tortix moth is. It has a wingspan of up to 18mm. It is a very common species throughout the Britain. Double click if you wanna get closer… Rear garden. July 2019 © Pete Hillman.

Red Dawn

"Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning" The last day of September starts off with quite an amazing spectacle at sunrise ... but ends with heavy rain coming nightfall. Rear garden. September 2019 © Pete Hillman.

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