Roesel’s Bush-cricket

Metrioptera roeselii

A squat and bulky bush cricket, which is greenish brown in colour A very distinguishing feature is the white or pale green margin on the pronotum flaps. There are also pale yellowish spots just behind the pronotum on each side of the thorax. The wings are short on both sexes and reach about halfway along the body, and they are flightless, although during hot summers fully winged forms are able to fly. The ovipositor is short and upcurved. The song is fairly unusual, a uniform high-pitched buzzing that continues for long periods, not unlike that of a dentist’s drill. Length 14 to 25mm. Ovipositor 6mm.

They are omnivorous, but mainly feed on plant material.

Seen June to November. It prefers tall, lush grassland which is dry to damp, but most often in association with river valleys. Also found in brown field sites in urban areas, and arable land. It is mainly a southern and coastal species, where its is widespread and abundant, although it has gradually spread inland and northwards.

Photographs taken  July 2015, local field, Staffordshire.