Yorkshire Fog After The Rain

Yorkshire Fog Holcus lanatus

I have always loved this grass which covers the local fields. It ripples like waves on a calm ocean when the wind blows through it.

Yorkshire Fog Holcus lanatus

Yorkshire Fog (Holcus lanatus), local field, Staffordshire, England. May 2017.

Yorkshire Fog

Holcus lanatus

Walking through a local field I came across drifts of this beautiful grass. It is a variable, tufted grass with grey-green leaves and tall, downy stems. The pinkish-red flowers are tightly packed to begin with, until they spread and open out in two-flowered spikelets. It is a perennial grass, and grows up to 1m tall.

It flowers from May to August, and is found in meadows, woodland margins and openings, and wasteground. It is a common and widespread species.

Photographs taken June 2012, local field, Staffordshire.