Heart & Dart

Agrotis exclamationis – You can clearly see why they call this moth the Heart & Dart. Double-click for a closer look-see.

Heart & Dart Agrotis exclamationis

Copyright: Peter Hillman
Camera used: Nikon D7200
Date taken: 29th June 2019
Place: Attracted to moth trap, rear garden, Staffordshire

Heart & Dart II

Heart & Dart (Agrotis exclamationis)

This is one of the more drabber moths, although it does have quite distinctive and rather beautiful markings on the forewings.

Photographs of Heart & Dart (Agrotis exclamationis) taken June 2014, rear garden, Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2014. Camera used Nikon D3200, with Sigma 105mm macro lens.

Heart & Dart

Agrotis exclamationis

This moth has distinctive heart and dart shaped markings on its forewings. There are some variations, but a constant narrow black band across the collar of the thorax identifies this species when compared to the Heart & Club (Agrotis clavis) which is similar. Wingspan 30 to 40mm. Forewing length 15 to 19mm.

The caterpillar feeds on various herbaceous plants.

It flies In two generations, May to August, and in September further south. Readily attracted to light, sometimes in great numbers. Also feeds at sugar and flowers. Found almost anywhere. Common and widespread, and one of the most abundant larger moths in Britain.

Photographs taken July 2015 and June 2016, rear garden, Staffordshire.