Mythimna ferrago

The clay is a plain moth, with variable ground colour, ranging from pinkish brown, buff and straw. It has small white markings on each forewing. The males have a black band on the underside of the abdomen. Wingspan up to 40mm.

The caterpillars feed on grasses.

It flies June to August, and is attracted to light. Found in various open habitats, including open woodland, wetland and gardens. Common and widespread.

Photographs taken July 2015, rear garden, Staffordshire.

Hebrew Character

Orthosia gothica

A distnctive species which has a unique mark amongst moths on its forewing, hence its name. The mark maybe variable, as can the forewing ground colour. No similar species. Wingspan up to 35mm.

The caterpillar feeds mainly at night in April to July, feeding on the buds at first and then the leaves. It feeds on a wide range of vegetation, including trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

The adult flies March to early May in the south of Britain, and April to early June in the north and Ireland. It is found in various habitats, from moorland to gardens. Common and widespread throughout.

Photographs taken March 2012 and  March 2014, rear garden, Staffordshire.