Bromopsis ramosa An elegant, arching grass with long-stalked spikelets. It has dark green, drooping leaves, and very hairy stalks. Perennial Plant height 1.8m. Flower size 2cm. Flowers July to August. It is found in shaded hedgerows and woodland. Common and widespread, especially in the south and east of England. Photographs of Hairy-brome (Bromopsis ramosa), taken… Read More Hairy-brome


Typha latifolia Also called ‘Common Bulrush’ and  ‘Greater Reedmace’, this is a tall freshwater perennial plant. It has stout stems and grows from rhizomes. It has flat sword-like grey-green leaves, and tall spiky flowers borne one above the other. The female is the thicker brown velvety cigar-like flower, whilst directly above this the yellow flower… Read More Bulrush


Leymus arenarius This is a dense growing, blue-green grass with broad leaves and tall flower spikes. The spikes consist of many overlapping, flattened spikelets. Perennial. Plant height 1.5m. Flower size 35cm long. Flowers July to August. Found on the coast in sand dunes and upper beaches. It is a primary sand dune builder. Common and… Read More Lyme-grass

Common Reed

Phragmites australis This is a tall and robust perennial reed which often forms vast stands near freshwater margins. The spikelets are purplish-brown in colour, the green leaves being long and broad. It can grow up to 2m tall. Flowers August to September, but turns brown and remains throughout the winter. Found in marshes, pools, and… Read More Common Reed

Wall Barley

Hordeum murinum A tufted grass which produces unbranched, bristly flower spikes. The leaves are light green, flat and hairy. Annual. Plant height 30cm. Flower size 9 to 10cm. Flowers May to July. It is found on bare ground, waste ground, roadside verges, field and wood margins, and coastal areas. Common and widespread in central, southern… Read More Wall Barley

Yorkshire Fog

Holcus lanatus Walking through a local field I came across drifts of this beautiful grass. It is a variable, tufted grass with grey-green leaves and tall, downy stems. The pinkish-red flowers are tightly packed to begin with, until they spread and open out in two-flowered spikelets. It is a perennial grass, and grows up to… Read More Yorkshire Fog