Shaggy Parasol

Chlorophyllum rhacodes


This is a fairly large mushroom with a cap size of 5 to 20 cm in diameter. The cap has a dark umbo with recurved brown scales. The gills are free and white, and the smooth stem is whitish with a brownish tinge, the base bulbous. It has a thick, moveable double ring.

It can be seen summer to late autumn, in mixed woodland, roadsides and gardens. Frequent to common.

Photograph of Shaggy Parasol (Chlorophyllum rhacodes), taken September 2016, local wood , Staffordshire. © Pete Hillman 2016. Camera used Nikon D7200, with Sigma 105mm macro lens.

Grey Spotted Amanita

Amanita excelsa var. spissa

Also called the ‘False Panther Cap,’ it has a smooth rounded cap which flattens out with age.The colour varies from dark to light brown, and it covered in numerous whitish-grey veil scales. The gills are white, and the stem is white, lined above the large ring, and covered in small scales below.The base is bulbous. Cap width 6 to 10cm. Stem height 8 to 15cm.

Fruits summer to autumn. Found in both broadleaf and coniferous woodland. Frequent in many parts of Britain.

Photographs taken August 2013, local common, Staffordshire.